It is Diocesan Policy that all coaches be certified under the CAP process.

Policy regarding Criminal History Background checks

Any coach not qualified will not be allowed to coach any Our Lady of Hope sports team.

The Office of Safe Environment for Children, Youth and Adults is announcing CAP (Child Assault Prevention) sessions. CAP is the safe environment training program for adults who have regular contact with minors. Attendance is required in order to comply with the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The policy of the diocese is that adults will attend CAP once every five years.

CAP 1 teaches attendees to recognize child abuse and neglect and how to report to the proper authorities. Adults are taught that children have the right to be safe, strong and free. CAP 1 is for new volunteers and employees.

CAP 2 is No More Bullies, No More Victims and is a workshop on bullying awareness and bullying prevention. Cyberbullying is also addressed. Both sessions are 90 minutes.

Adults must attend CAP 1 before attending CAP 2. After five years, adults have the option of attending CAP 1 again if they prefer.

To attend one of these classes, please call the CAP registration line in the Office of Safe Environment for Children, Youth and Adults at (856) 583-6165 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.  Please register at least five days before the session you would like to attend.

The CAP schedule, location phone numbers and directions may be found on the diocesan website @

Online Cap Calendar

In case of inclement weather please call the location of the CAP session you are attending.

Please pick up your CAP forms in the office of Our Lady of Hope School.
In a separate but related matter, every coach needs to be fingerprinted and background checks must be made. The fingerprint process has changed. A background check must take place every three years.
It really is an easy process.

Please download the forms, fill it out as you fill out the form on the website. This will make the process easy and make sure you info matches up and is filled out correctly. Below is the new process for fingerprinting...
  1. The volunteer gets Disclosure Form from Safety Environment Coordinator. He gets a copy and retains the original.
  2. Volunteer fills out a Universal Fingerprint Form (NJAPS1) and makes an appointment to be fingerprinted.
    1. preferred way is via the web at (IE browser a must)
    2. another way is to call the center at 877-503-5981. This process takes several days longer.
  3. The fee, $26.25, (as of 3/3/08) must be paid by credit card, electronic check or with a bank check. The preferred method is credit card; otherwise the volunteer must use the call center. This process could take up to two weeks. Coaches, you will be reimburse once a copy of your receipt is turned in.
  4. When the volunteer makes an appointment to be fingerprinted, Sagem Morpho will give him a “Transaction ID Number” on the Universal Fingerprint Form.
  5. When the volunteer goes to the Sagem Morpho facility to be fingerprinted, he must have the completed Universal Fingerprint Form with him and a valid, photo ID as described in box 26 of that form.
    1. If he does not have both of these documents, he will not be fingerprinted AND will be assessed a non-refundable $14 fee.
    2. If he misses his appointment he will be assessed a non-refundable $14 fee.
  6. After he is fingerprinted, the volunteer will be given a receipt and the completed Universal Fingerprint Form.
  7. The volunteer takes both the receipt and the Universal Fingerprint Form to the Safe Environment Coordinator.
  8. The Safe Environment Coordinator makes a copy of both and sends them to the Office of Safe Environment, along with the Disclosure Form (Three Documents).
  9. Within 7 working days, the diocese will be notified that:
    1. The volunteer has cleared and has no criminal record or
    2. he has a conviction and is not eligible to have contact with minors OR
    3. prints were rejected and must go back to Sagem Morpho. There is no fee to be re-fingerprinted.
  10. If the volunteer has cleared, the Office of Safe Environment will send the clearance letter to the Safe Environment Coordinator. He/she will keep a copy and give the original to the volunteer.
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