Requirements as:

The Athletic Board Liaison’s duty is to help the Athletic Director and the OLH Principle monitor the sports programs in relation to the parental point of view. He/she is to attend practices and games as much as they can to observe how things are being run, and is primarily an outlet for any parent who either does not feel comfortable confronting a coach, feels they/children are not being treated fairly, or has any other issue that they cannot resolve with the coach.

Once contacted by the parent via the OLHAA website, the sports Liaison is to attempt to rectify the situation, in confidence, without any escalation. In the event they cannot settle the dispute, he/she is to report the situations to the Athletic Director. Together the Athletic Director and the Liaison will again address the issue, and depending on the severity of the issue, escalate to the school principle for a final settlement.

All issues are kept in confidence between the parties involved and are not brought before the Athletic Board and/or school administration unless they are escalated to such an extent.

Sports Representatives and Coordinators

Vincent Cieslik - Parental Liaison / Cross Country / Track & Field
Cindy Donapel - Cheerleading Coordinator
Jeff Heefner - Soccer Coordinator
Mike Marino - Basketball Coordinator
Thomas Mihm – Baseball Coordinator
Rich Cappello – Webmaster

You can contact them when parents want to elevate any questions or concerns about your team or sport.
All matters will be kept in confidential. Please use the online form.

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